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Dr. Michael Eddy

Assistant Professor Dr. Michael Eddy

Curriculum Vitae
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Geology & Geophysics

Purdue Radiogenic Isotope Geology Lab


  • 2017 PhD, Geology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • 2011 BA, Geosciences, Princeton University

Research Interests

My research group works on problems related to igneous petrology and tectonics. Much of our research is driven by field observation coupled with geochemical measurements that are made back in the laboratory. Our primary analytical tool is U-Pb geochronology by thermal ionization mass spectrometry, which provides high precision age constraints for ancient rocks. Current projects include the evolution of fossil subvolcanic magma reservoirs in Nevada and reconstructing the tectonic evolution of the Pacific Northwest.

Selected Honors

  • 2016 Excellence in Teaching Award, MIT
  • 2015 Bruce L. "Biff" Reed Scholarship Award, GSA
  • 2011 Kerr Fellowship, MIT


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