Indrajeet Chaubey
Indrajeet Chaubey
Department Head

The Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences is dedicated to the scientific study of a myriad of spatial and temporal scales of physical, chemical, and dynamical processes that range from such seemingly diverse topics as plate tectonics to asteroid impacts to tornadoes.
The new millennium has brought even greater challenges to unravel the mysteries of the past, present and future states of a holistic Earth system that affects our socio-economic well-being, as well as the delicate balance of weather, climate, and earth processes.
EAPS is the multidisciplinary department of the College of Science, requiring the use of mathematics, physics, chemistry, statistics, and computer sciences to research problems; along with state of the art computer and laboratory facilities for calculation, visualization, and experimentation. Our faculty, students and staff are dedicated to the department's mission and strategic plan and we hope that you enjoy your virtual tour of our world.

Indrajeet Chaubey
Department Head and Professor