EAPS Seminar Schedule

Seminars are held on Thursdays during the academic year at 3:30pm in HAMP 1252, unless otherwise listed below. 

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Fall 2016 Colloquia

Upcoming Events:

9/1: Joel Saylor, Unversity of Houston; "Integrating Stable Isotopes and Basin Analysis for a Paleogene-Neogene Paleoelevation History of Southern Peru"

9/8: William McKinnon, Washington University in St. Louis; "Pluto Revealed! Results from NASA's New Horizon's Mission"

Tuesday, 9/13, 4 PM in HAMP 2201: Wanchen Wu, Ph.D Candidate; "The Effects of Continental Aerosols on the Eyewall of a Typhoon"

9/15: Peter Colarco, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center; "Aerosol Modeling Applications in the NASA GEOS-5 Earth System Model"

9/22: Oliver Boyd, U.S. Geological Survey; "Seismic Hazard and Geodesy in the New Madrid Seismic Zone"

Tuesday, 9/27, 4 PM in HAMP 2201: Sarah Bischoff, Ph.D Candidate; “Breaking Down the Impact of Strength Heterogeneity on Deformation of the India-Eurasia Collision: A Numerical Modeling Approach”

9/29: Kevin Reed, SUNY-StonyBrook; "High-resolution Global Simulations from Reduced Complexity to Future Projections"

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