Departmental Visits

Departmental Tour

Take advantage of our guided or self-guided walk through tour and learn about a variety of EAS topics including Tornados, Mastodons, Earthquakes, Minerals, Fossil Identification, and much more. The displays are located throughout the second, third, and fourth floors of the Civil Engineering building.

 Demonstrations and activities:

*All demos and activities vary based on time and grade level.
  • Air Pressure and Weather
    • During this demo/activity the students will explore concepts related to air pressure and discover how it relates to weather.
  • Earthquakes
    • During this activity students will work to build earthquake-resistant buildings and test their buildings while they learn earthquake-related concepts.
  • Catch the Wave
    • During this demo students will learn about various waves and how they are used in science.

Geology Self-Guided Walking tour:

  • This is a map listing some of campus's interesting glacial erratics and walking routes that pass by them. View map here.