Departmental Visits

EAPS is happy to announce that it will be offering groups to visit the department for lessons each week. For Fall 2015 we have a lab reserved from 11:30 AM until 2:30 PM. If you are interested in bringing your class or group, contact Steven Smith at mrsmith @


Activities offered for EAPS Friday’s fall 2015:


  • Catch a Wave
    • This activity incorporates hands-on lab with interactive demonstrations introducing the electromagnetic spectrum and the energy of waves.
  • Air pressure and Weather
    • During this demo/activity the students will explore concepts related to air pressure and discover how it relates to weather.
  • Earthquake Engineering
    • During this activity students will work to build earthquake-resistant buildings and test their buildings while they learn earthquake-related concepts.
  • The Foundations of Convection
    • Hands on investigation leading to the understanding of ocean currents, atmospheric currents, and plate movement.
  • Half Life and Radioactive Isotopes
    • This lab is done with Nuclear Scalers. Students will determine the half-life of an isotope by testing counts at intervals. Students will also determine shielding needs of Alpha, beta, and gamma sources.
  • Water quality
    • After a discussion of waterways, and contaminants students will test water from a local source.
  • Learning with Stream tables          
    • Students will set up stream tables and be asked to model various water features. Groups will present and lead discussion of their model.
  • Glaciers and Glaciation
    • This activity involves a hands on activity simulating glacial striations, a PowerPoint of Indiana Glaciation, and a tour of the EAPS Wall Wrap and Educational Rock displays. 

Geology Self-Guided Walking tour:

  • This is a map listing some of campus's interesting glacial erratics and walking routes that pass by them. View map here.