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Dr. Tingting Gu

Adjunct Assistant Professor Dr. Tingting Gu

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Personal website , Geology and Geophysics


B.S. (2008): Gemology -- China University of Geosciences, Beijing

Ph.D. (2008-2013): Geology -- Peking University & Carnegie Institution of Washington

Research interests

Dr. Gu is a mineral physicist who aims to solve the fundamental questions of Earth and planetary inner working and evolution. One of the intriguing points she looks at is volatiles, with their chemical and physical states playing key roles in and outside the planet. Combining multidisciplinary approaches, Dr. Gu studies how volatiles are stored and transported as a diverse mineral species or defect complexes under P-T-fO2 equivalent to the core, mantle, crust conditions reproduced by laboratory facilities or theoretical simulations. She also looks at their passage inside the dynamic Earth through plate tectonics traced by unusual inclusions and defects armored in super deep diamonds and rocks. These laboratory and field observations are compared with seismological, geodynamic and theoretical calculations to interpret the enigma of planetary differentiation, mantle convection, and ancient climate.


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