Study Abroad

Study Abroad is a wonderful opportunity to explore your world, earn course credit, and build a lifetime of experiences.

The Office of Programs for Study Abroad has information, scholarships, and other resources to help. Their mission:

"The Office of Programs for Study Abroad is dedicated to internationalizing Purdue by helping as many students as possible have overseas experiences that enrich lives, enhance academic achievement and increase career potential. The study abroad staff helps students overcome academic, financial, or personal concerns that might prevent them from going abroad and they are especially devoted to removing obstacles for first-time participants."

AUstraliaYou can find information on studying abroad at:

An approved study abroad program counts toward the Language/Culture requirement in the College of Science, and the University is willing to help pay for the trip. Three sample EAPS programs, which require a 3.00 or above GPA to apply, are below.

In addition, there is a summer program for sophomores and above with a 2.5 or above GPA.

Study Abroad, University of Leeds
"I participated in a five day-long field course in the cold and wet northern England wilderness during the MONTH without classes in mid-Spring. I paired up with a Chilean international student and we developed a research experiment testing our classmates' abilities to guess temperature and wind speed while we used a portable weather station to measure their accuracy. Throughout the trip, I got the opportunity to walk amongst herds of obnoxious sheep, dangle from rocky cliffs, and trudge through muddy caves! What an adventure!" 

Grant, University of Leeds, Study Abroad.

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