Where did our 2012 EAPS undergraduates go?

  • 55%    Employment
  • 29%    Graduate School
  • 18%    Not Reported

The top states for employment were Indiana, Illinois, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

Graduate schools selected were U of Louisiana, U of Oklahoma, Purdue, Montana State, Southern Illinois University, U of Utah, U of Wisconsin.

The Occupational Employment Statistics for 2010 list the median annual wage of atmospheric scientists as $87,780 with the average federal salary at $95,460. For geoscientists the median annual wage was $82,500 with the average federal salary as $93,300. (Employment demand greater than supply in the geology area-median salaries in oil and gas occupations were $125,350). The median wage for secondary teachers was $62,050, environmental scientist was $61,700, and $87,260 for astronomers.

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