Where did our recent EAPS undergraduates go?

  • 47%    Employment
  • 35%    Graduate School
  • 18%    Not Reported

The top states for employment were in the Medwest and on the East Coast.

Graduate schools selected include Colorado State, Louisiana State, Northern Illinois, Purdue, North Carolina State, University of California, Texas Tech, University of Leeds.

The Occupational Employment Statistics for 2014 list the median annual wage of atmospheric scientists as $87,980 with the average federal salary at $99,090. For geoscientists the median annual wage is $89,910 with the average federal salary as $93,300 and oil gas at $135,380. Environmental scientists are at $66,250 median annual wage with the average federal salary at $97,000. The median wage for secondary teachers is $56,310 and $105,410 for astronomers; the salary range for astronauts is between $75,000 and $116,000.

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