Geology & Geophysics

Geology and Geophysics

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The Geology Geophysics group at Purdue focuses on the dynamics of the processes that shape our planet, from the motion of tectonic plates, the development of mountain ranges and oil-bearing sedimentary basins, to the triggering of earthquakes. To do so, we use a combination of modern observational techniques (e.g., cosmogenic isotopes, space geodesy, basins analysis) and develop theoretical models that integrate these observations in consistent physical frameworks.

Affiliated Faculty Research Area

Chris Andronicos Evolution of the solid earth, particularly the continental and oceanic crust, and underlying mantle lithosphere
Larry Braile Seismology, crustal and upper mantle structure, inversion of geophysical data, intraplate earthquakes, Earth science education
John Cushman Geohydrology, Porous Media Physics, Spatial Variability, Applied Math and Statistics
Julie Elliott Geodesy, active tectonics and glacier change
Lucy Flesch Kinematics and dynamics of continental deformation, lithospheric rheology, shear wave splitting, mantle/lithosphere interaction
Andrew Freed Rheology, Postseismic Deformation, Earthquake Triggering, Evolution of Planetary Surfaces, Subduction Zone Processes
Marty Frisbee Groundwater and Surface Water Interactions,and the impact of these interactions on the geochemical evolution and residence times of water, and watershed response to perturbations
Andrei Gabrielov Modeling of Seismicity, Earthquake Prediction, Nonlinear Science, Theoretical Mathematics
Darryl Granger Tectonic Geomorphology, Landscape Evolution, Cosmogenic Nuclides Applied to Geomorphology and Surficial Processes, Environmental Geosciences
Saad Haq Tectonics, Structural Geology, Analog and Numerical Modeling
Jon Harbor Hydrologic and Geomorphic Impacts of Land Use and Climate Change, Glacial Geomorphology, Environmental Education Research
Nathaniel Lifton Cosmogenic Nuclides Applied to Surficial Processes, Quaternary Geology
Jay Melosh Tectonic deformation of planetary lithospheres, including the Earth's, and the physics of earthquakes, landslides and large, rapid mass movements
Bob Nowack Seismic imaging of the Earth's crust and upper mantle, geophysical inverse theory
James Ogg Paleomagnetics, ocean histroy, sedimentary geology
Laura J. Pyrak-Nolte Applied Geophysics and ISRM Work Group
Kenneth Ridgway Basin Analysis, Tectonics, Sedimentary Petrology, Petroleum Geology
Terry West Engineering Geology, Hazardous-waste Disposal, Engineering Properties of Rock, Rock Slope Stability, Remote Sensing

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