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Computational Seismology and Tectonics Integrating geophysical observations with geologic and tectonic processes


Superheroes of Science interview with Prof. Jonathan Delph on his recent research on the deep structure of volcanoes


Alaska subduction zone and volcanic activity

Thanks to Cheryl Pierce at Purdue EAPS for writing an excellent report on our recent paper about the Alaska subduction zone and the volcanic activity.

The story written by Jan Lathrop at UMass News Room was grabed by 4 news websites and 2 science blogs (

Here is the report on

News coverage of the seismicity paper in central U.S.

Dr. Yang's research paper on the Ste. Genevieve seismic zone is getting some nice press coverage. You can see it on the IUB press release.

Dr. Yang's PhD advisor Gary Pavlis (one of the co-authors of the paper) was on St. Louis Public radio telling the story.