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Computational Seismology and Tectonics Integrating geophysical observations with geologic and tectonic processes

GYPSUM Seminar Series Fall 2022

The GeodesY and geoPhysics Seminar of the Upper Midwest (GYPSUM) virtual seminar series is meant to connect researchers from midwestern institutions and showcase their research. Subject matter can include: seismology, geodesy, geodynamic/numerical modeling, electomagnetic/magnetotelluric methods, and tectonics (including petrology, geochemistry, and structural studies with implications for geophysical studies).

Fall 2022 will consist of ~8-10 50 minute virtual blocks that will take place on Mondays from 2:30-3:30 ET between September and November.

If you'd like to present some of your research or know someone who would be interested, please email Presentations by faculty, postdocs, and graduate-level students on near-submission or recently published projects are welcome.

We send email reminders about each seminar (1 email per week). To subscribe to the listserve, go to this page:


Fall 2022 GYPSUM Series

12-Sept Lucas Zoet (Wisconsin) Using passive seismics and experiments to understand transient glacier slip
19-Sept Eva Golos (Wisconsin)

 On Bayesian seismic data inversion, lithospheric structure, and melting in the southwestern United States

26-Sept Guo Cheng (Iowa) Power-law Viscoelastic Flow of the Lower Accretionary Prism in the Makran Subduction Zone Following the 2013 Baluchistan Earthquake
3-Oct Michael Taylor (Kansas) Neotectonics Research during a Pandemic, with Examples from the Himalayan-Tibetan Orogenic Wedge, and some tidbits from the East African Rift System
10-Oct GSA: No Meeting
17-Oct Qibin Shi (Washington) Improved teleseismic waveforms using transfer learning and its application on estimating rupture parameters of deep and intermediate-depth earthquakes
24-Oct Ross Maguire (UIUC)

New perspectives on Yellowstone’s magmatic system from full waveform tomography

31-Oct James Neely (Northwestern) Building a more realistic earthquake recurrence model
7-Nov Hao Guo (Wisconsin) Double-Difference Seismic Attenuation Tomography
14-Nov Matthew Head (UIUC) Viscoelastic controls on volcanic ground deformation and magma reservoir failure




Previous GYPSUM Series

Spring 2022

7-Feb Robert Nowack (Purdue) Applications of Small and Large Seismic Arrays with some Brief Comments on Machine Learning
14-Feb Jeff Freymuller (Michigan State University)

Megathrust Slip Budget and Earthquakes along the Alaska Peninsula

21-Feb Kristel Izquierdo (Purdue) Porosity structure and volcanism of the Moon from GRAIL gravity data
28-Feb Boris Rösler (Northwestern) Insight into Earthquake Source Processes from Large Global Datasets
7-Mar Reece Elling (Northwestern) Three Failed Rifts and a Front in Central North America
14-Mar Spring Break
21-Mar Molly Gallahue (Northwestern) Why does the seismic hazard map for California predict much higher shaking than observed
28-Mar Fan Wang (Michigan State University) Along strike variations at Alaska Peninsula revealed by body-wave tomography
4-Apr Monique Holt (University of Illinois - Chicago)

The optimization of ML:MC as a depth discriminant

11-Apr Erin Cunningham (Wisconsin) Microseismicity at San Emidio Geothermal Power Plant


Fall 2021


Jiong Wang (University of Chicago)

Estimating Near-Surface Elastic Structure from Low-Frequency Seismic Noise
6-Sep No GYPSUM Labor Day

Zack Spica (University of Michigan)

Seismology with Ocean-Bottom Distributed Acoustic Sensing
20-Sep Byeongkwan Ko (Michigan State University) A tug of war between two perovskites: temperature-dependent perovskite solid solution in the Earth’s lower mantle

Jeremy Maurer (Missouri S&T) 

Studying Earthquake Processes around the Caribbean with Geodesy

Elvira Mulyukova (Northwestern)

How Planetary Scientists Get Hooked On Crystal Math
11-Oct No GYPSUM GSA Annual Meeting
18-Oct Chengping Chai (Oak Ridge Nat'l Lab) Using Machine Learning for Quality Control of Surface Waves
25-Oct Yunyue Elita Li (Purdue University) Passive seismic imaging in urban settings - the Singapore examples
1-Nov Kamyar Azizzadenesheli (Purdue University) Neural Operators and how they solve Partial Differential Equations
8-Nov Sunyoung (Sunny) Park (University of Chicago)

Earth’s Response to Deep Earthquakes – Insights into Mantle Rheology

Spring 2021:


Kaj Johnson (Indiana University)

Physical Controls on Slip Behavior at Nankai and Japan Trench Subduction Zones

Joseph Byrnes (University of Minnesota)

Dynamic Upwelling Beneath the Salton Trough Imaged With Teleseismic Attenuation Tomography
16-Feb No GYPSUM

Robby Goldman (University of Illinois and U.S. Geological Survey)

Characterizing Facebook and On-The-Ground Communications during Kīlauea's 2018 eruption

Lijun Liu (University of Illinois)

Revisiting flat slab subduction: models vs. data 
16-Mar Prithvi Thakur (University of Michigan) Influence of fault zone maturity on fully dynamic earthquake cycles
Yihe Huang (University of Michigan) Do soil sites really amplify ground motions? 
23-Mar Darcy Cordell (University of Alberta) Laterally-offset magma reservoirs at the Laguna del Maule Volcanic Field imaged using magnetotelluric data
30-Mar Doug Schmitt (Purdue University) Seismic Measurements in Heavily Damaged Formations: Borehole Investigations at the Alpine Fault and the Chicxulub Impact Structure
6-Apr Max Bezada (University of Minnesota) Overlapping slabs: untangling subduction in NW South America through finite-frequency teleseismic tomography
13-Apr Daniel Portner (Carnegie Institution of Washington) Imaging the Magma Plumbing System Beneath Mount Cleveland, Alaska
20-Apr No GYPSUM SSA Annual Meeting
27-Apr Noel Bartlow (University of Kansas) Geodetic perspectives on Episodic Tremor and Slip in Cascadia
4-May Carol Stein (University of Illinois, Chicago) Revisiting Hotspots and Continental Breakup – Updating the Classical Three-arm Model with Insights from the Midcontinent Rift and Passive Margins
11-May Min Chen (Michigan State University) The Nature of Deep Earthquakes in the Western Pacific Subduction Zones