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Live Seismometers Long-term Purdue-managed seismic stations

Purdue-managed Seismic Stations

PUSC maintains multiple broadband seismometers. These instruments were adopted from the USArray Experiment, and have been integrated into the Central and Eastern US Network, a regional long-term seismic monitoring network. See near real-time feeds from these instruments below! (Updated every 5 mins)

Both records are bandpass filtered between 10 - 200 seconds to highlight distant earthquakes of large magnitude. Time is in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC = right now + 4 hours for EDT, +5 hours for EST). See USGS Earthquakes page to see recent earthquakes.

Station SFIN (near Purdue campus): STS-2 G3 Seismometer


Station O48B (near Muncie, Indiana): Guralp CMG-3T 120 Seismometer


Figures were created by Jonathan Delph using the ObsPy open source python package.