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The Visualizing Nature project is a blend of landscape and nature photography that integrates the photographic image and written word to visualize nature. Visualizing Nature provides an opportunity to document nature and natural landscapes over time, both locally and nationally through photographs and text.  The photographs give mean to nature and are visually effective in helping viewers understand and appreciate the natural world. Through the visualization of nature, the project seeks to change individuals’ thoughts, emotions, and understandings of the natural world; to promote its preservation, as well as its enjoyment.

Visualizing Nature uses the power of the photographic image to convey a visual perception of nature; to represent and communicate the natural world.  Visualizing Nature is a photographic showcase of nature and the natural landscapes that make up our planet. Although a single image of nature is itself static, many images in a sequence may depict an event or process.  It is a visual and powerful means to storytelling that supports the preservation and protection of our environment.  It draws from the inherent appeal and popularity that individuals have toward photographs to create photographic exhibits that allow individuals the opportunity to see and appreciate nature, from computer monitors to museum walls and school halls.