• EC3 EC3
    Extreme Climate, Convection and Cosmics
  • Antarctica Antarctica
    Proposed scientific–engineering system for global removal of atmospheric CO2 in Antarctica (Agee, Orton & Rogers, 2013).
  • Surface-based Neurons Surface-based neutrons
    Surface-based neutron counter at Kiel depicting cosmic ray percentage anomaly vs the ISCCP lower-troposphere global cloudiness (see Agee, Kiefer & Cornett, 2012).
  • Dusty Landspout Dusty Landspout
    Dusty landspout near West Lafayette, IN on 25 June 2006. No precipitation occurred near this vortex, and radar gave no indication of any possibility of severe weather (see Agee & Jones, 2009).
  • Numerical Simulation Numerical Simulation
    Numerical simulation of 2-d and 3-d structures in cold-air outbreak (CAO) over Lake Michigan (AMS Conference).
  • Image Three Filler
    Short Picture Description.

Three areas of research (climate, convection, and cosmics) have now converged into a common area of investigation that focuses on extreme events.  The extreme nature of climate related to global warming, the perplexity of convective events, from cold-air outbreaks to thunderstorms and tornadoes (and their destructive potential), and the effects of solar variability on galactic cosmic rays and related impacts on global cloudiness are all current considerations within EC3.