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Tanya Katzman — Chemistry

2016.  Lecturer of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Carroll University: https://www.carrollu.edu/faculty/katzman-tanya 

Dissertation: The use of stable isotopes and particulate matter in the investigation of local and regional atmospheric chemistry

Wendell Walters — EAPS

2016.  Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Brown University: https://www.brown.edu/academics/institute-environment-society/people/details/wendell-walters 

Dissertation: Unraveling the fingerprints of NOx using stable isotopes: Implications for NOx source partitioning and oxidation chemistry

Krystin Riha PhD.
2013 Scientist at Pacific Northwest National Lab
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Dissertation: The use of stable isotopes to constrain the nitrogen cycle

Fan Wang, PhD.
2013. Associate Professor, School of Atmospheric Sciences, Sun Yat-sen University: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Fan_Wang74 
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Dissertation: The mechanism and timescales of soil formation in the hyper-arid Atacama Desert, Chile

Lindsey Crawley M.cS.
2010. BASi drug discovery and development
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Thesis: Nitrogen and oxygen isotope-ratio analysis of nitrate by the denitrifier method using continuous flow isotope-ratio mass spectrometry

David Mase, M.S.
2010. IT specialist Epic Systems
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Thesis: A coupled modeling and observational approach to understanding Oxygen-18 in atmospheric nitrate

Mike King M.S.
2013. Air Quality Specialist Southern Ute Tribe.

Thesis: Evaluating NOx sources and oxidation pathways impacting aerosol production on the Southern Ute Indian Reservation and Navajo Nation using geochemical isotopic analysis

Dan McMahon M.S.
EAPS 2014.

Thesis: Investigation of isotope effects of ozone as a function of temperature

Gabby Buck

Nick Claypool
Google+ Page

Project: Ion resin purification of anions from and Antarctic ice core

Daniel Curtis
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Project: Assessment of oxygen isotopes in nitrate from the Atacama Desert.

Christa Dahman
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Project: Multiple Isotope Forensics of Nitrate in a Wild Horse Poisoning Incident (published in Forensic Science International)

Matthew Davis

Liesl Elison
EAPS Listing

Project: Mineralogical investigation of post depositional alteration of a Atacama Desert Lahar.

Huan Fang

Mark Fisher

David Geng
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Project: Is Distant Pollution Contaminating Local Air? Analyzing the Origins of Atmospheric Aerosols (Published in the Journal of Purdue Undergraduate Research)

Sanford Goodwin

Sylvia Hong
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Project: Bacteria reduction of nitrate as an analytical method.

Lao Huo

Project: Assessing the geochemical content of Atacama surface soils.

Katie Jochime

Project: Evaluating nitrate

Samuel Kim


Greg Kline
Notre Dame Profile Page

Chemistry: Nitrate chemistry

Michelle Kolanowski
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Project: Isotopic characterization of Commercial Fertilizers

Mingyu Liu

Daniel McMahon

Project: Device for sampling tropospheric O3 for isotope analysis.

Ben Nault
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Project: Assessment of soil anions in the Atacama Desert.

Patrick O’Keefe
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Project: Evaluating nitrate absorption on biomass char and charcoal.

Sam Raimann
Chemical Engineering
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Project: Using Stable Isotopes to Quantify Nitrogen Fates in Container Plants

Nur Abd Rani


Dominic Sanchez


Lexi Scorzelli

Monomouth College

Nicholas W. Seager

Health Sciences

Ji-Hye Seo
LinkedIn Page

Project: Solving the Mystery of the Atacama Nitrate Deposits: The Use of Stable Oxygen Isotope Analysis and Geochemistry (Published in the Journal of Purdue Undergraduate Research)

Vicky Sehrawatha
Computer Science (SURF)
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Project: Online model for predicting stable isotopes of atmospheric nitrate (winner SURF poster contest)

Damian Simonini

Bo Sun
Computer Science, Computer Engineering
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Project: Algorithm for rewriting atmospheric chemical mechanism to include isotopes.

Helen Waldschmidt
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Project: Stable isotope analysis of nitrate in Midwestern rainwater.

Ashley Wittrig
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Woradee Werayawarangura
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Project: Using Stable Isotopes to Quantify Nitrogen Fates in Container Plants.

Fuhe Xu
Computer Engineering (SURF)
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Project: Adding oxygen isotopes to the Regional Atmospheric Chemistry Mechanism.

Esther Youn

Yanqi Yu
IU Graduate Page

Project: Ion resin purification of anions from and Antarctic ice core.

Mingyu Zhang

Shuang Zhao
Chemical Engineering

Project: Modeling stable isotope composition of nitrate in Midwestern rainwater. (winner of SURF best poster award)

Sara Doans — Chemistry

Projects: The isotopic composition of ions in aerosols collected in New Zealand. Developing a collection system of trapping nitrate at trace levels. Mentor Tanya Katzman

Stanford Goodwin — Chemistry

Projects: Determining the isotopic composition of NOx emitted from automobiles. Investigating the isotope effects occurring during the evaporation of nitric acid. Mentor: Wendell Walters

Esther Youn — Chemistry

Projects: Evaluation of the sources of oxygen incorporated into nitrate during microbial nitrification. Mentor: Greg Michalski

Huan Fang — EAPS

Projects: Using MetCor and back trajectory analysis to determine source areas of air pollutants. Mentor: Greg Michalski

Damian Simonini — Chemistry

Project: Using denuder tubes to collect NO and NO2 for isotope analysis. Mentor Wendell Walters

Matthew Davis — Chemistry

Determining the isotopic composition of NOx emitted from power plants, airplanes, and small combustion engines. Mentor: Wendell Walters

Dominic Sanchez — Chemistry

Project: Determination of the amount and source of nitrate in vegetables. Mentor: Greg Michalski

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