Paleomagnetic Analysis Program (Version 4.4)

Please download the following file (3146 KB), unzip it, and save the files onto your hard drive (or a zip disk, or a jump drive). Then run the setup.exe file by double clicking it.

User's Manual MS Word Version (1007 KB) PDF Version (4631 KB)

Introduction to Paleomagnetic Data Analysis MS Word Version (410 KB) PDF Version (224 KB)

Sample Data Files:

Source Code: Written in Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0. You can download file, extract the files by right clicking the the file you just downloaded ( and select "Extract All ..." from the pop-up menu. You can then open the source codes by double clicking the paleomag.vbp file. Visual Basic 6.0 will start up, and automatically open all the related source code files.

Paleomagnetic Stratigraphy Lab material used at Purdue University:

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