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Purdue Stable Isotope (PSI) Facility Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences


Many of the PSI lab’s services are available to researchers at Purdue and elsewhere on a contract basis. Analytical services currently offered include:

  • δ2H and δ18O water analyses on LGR-LWIA (precision < 1‰, 0.2‰)
    • $15.00 (internal Purdue pricing), $23.10 (external pricing)
  • δ18O organic solid analyses on TCEA-IRMS (precision 0.3‰)
    • $14.50 (internal Purdue pricing), $22.23 (external pricing)
  • δ13C, δ15N, %C, and %N organic and inorganic solids on EA-IRMS (precision < 0.2‰, 0.3‰)
    • Plants: $5.00 (internal Purdue pricing), $7.70 (external pricing)
    • Soils: $6.50 (internal Purdue pricing), $10.01 (external pricing)
    • Acid-fumigated soils: $10.00 (internal Purdue pricing), $14.50 (external pricing)
  • δ15N and δ18O of denitrifiers on continuous flow IRMS using headspace extraction (precision 0.1‰, 0.5‰)
    • $14.00 (internal Purdue pricing), $21.56 (external pricing)
  • δ15N, δ18O, and ∆17O of denitrifiers on continuous flow IRMS using headspace extraction+gold tube thermal decomposition (precision 0.4‰, .1‰, 0.3‰)
    • $16.50 (internal Purdue pricing), $25.41 (external pricing)


We also offer preparation services (grinding and weighing) on an hourly basis for $21.00 (internal Purdue pricing) and $32.34 (external pricing).


Please visit our iLab recharge center for further information.

We encourage you to contact Lisa Welp and/or Greg Michalski for project-specific information on expected turnaround times, sample requirements, and protocols.