As you may have surmised from the name of our group, we study sedimentary basins. Sedimentary basins are depressions on the Earth's surface that are filled by sediment and organic material deposited by wind, river, and ocean processes. Sedimentary basins are sensitive recorders of regional tectonics, paleoclimate, and the history of life; they contain many of the freshwater aquifers and energy resources necessary for our society; and they are often used as repositories for community and industrial waste. In addition, the role of basins in biogeochemical cycles and global cycling of elements is just beginning to be addressed. If you are interested in the formation, interactions, and evolution of the earth's crust, biosphere, ocean, and atmosphere, analysis of sedimentary basins holds many exciting research opportunities.
Jeff Trop on Root Glacier Fm., Wrangell Mtns.
Kevin Eastham and Mark Lesh having lunch at Ruth Glacier, Alaska Range
Rachel Couch and Jeff Trop drilling the Chisana Fm, Wrangell Mtns.
Kevin Eastham having supper in the Talkeetna Mtns., Mt. Mckinley upper left.
Rick Hoy on Sangre de Cristo Fm., south-central Colorado
Jay Kalbas trying to warm up in the Talkeetna Mountains Michele Gutenkunst mapping in Talkeetna Mountains, Denali in background

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