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We use noble gas geochemistry to study the physical and chemical processes shaping the surfaces of Earth and other planets.

 Some of the scientific problems our work addresses include:

  • how the Earth’s climate changed during the geologic past
  • how tectonic and geomorphic processes interact to shape topography
  • the impact history of the Moon and other planetary bodies in the inner Solar System
  • rates of volcanism and interactions between volcanism and Earth’s climate system

We also conduct basic experimental research on the kinetics of noble gas diffusion in minerals, which has broad significance across both Earth and planetary science disciplines. To learn more about the current and recent research efforts of T@P, check out our Research page.

Recent Lab News

Hongcheng, Moe, and Marissa attend the Geochronology GRC

August 2023: Hongcheng, Moe, and Marissa all presented at the Geochronology Gordon Research Conference at Mount Snow, Vermont this month. Marissa was also elected to be the Vice Chair for the next Geochronology GRC to take place in 2025.

Welcome graduate students Addison Curtis and Wenbo Zhan

August 2023: Addison joins T@P as a MS student after completing their undergraduate studies at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and doing an undergraduate thesis with friend-of-the-T@P-group Willy Guenthner. Wenbo joins T@P as a PhD student after completing his MS at the University of Idaho with also-friend-of-the-T@P-group Jessica Stanley. A hearty welcome to both Addison and Wenbo! 

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