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Welcome to the FILLEY Lab

Professor Filley's lab group in spring 2020

Arequipa Nexus Institute

Explore our role in collaborative international sustainability research within the Arequipa Nexus Institute for Food, Energy, Water, and the Environment.

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Stable Isotope Biogeochemistry: Soil, Plants, Water

Welcome to my research group’s web page. We study the fundamental processes controlling carbon and nitrogen cycling in soil, litter, and streams within both natural and managed ecosystems. Much of our recent work focusses on soil dynamics within intensively managed landscapes stretching from the coastal irrigated deserts in Peru, to the plains of Northeast China, to the agricultural fields of the glaciated Midwest of the United States. A primary goal of this work is to develop a stronger scientific basis for modeling soil organic matter dynamics, ecosystem and critical zone processes, and the global carbon cycle with an emphasis on how perturbations to ecosystems (e.g., woody plant encroachment, fire, agriculture, invasive species, storm events) influence soil properties to sequester or release carbon and nitrogen. Our biogeochemistry studies utilize a variety of analytical approaches, including organic geochemistry, microbial activity assays, and stable isotope techniques integrated with remote sensing.

I help to coordinate environmental and sustainability research at Purdue through my role as the Director of Discovery Park’s Center for the Environment.