Purdue Courses

EAPS 100 - Planet Earth (Spring 2022)
Undergraduate non-majors general education course

EAPS 353 - Earth Surface Processes (Fall 2020–2023)
Co-instructed with Prof. Darryl Granger
Upper-level undergraduate geology/geophysics and planetary science majors course with field and lab components

EAPS 602 - New Graduate Student Seminar (Fall 2020–2023)
Co-instructed with Profs. Brandon Johnson and Xiaotao Yang
Seminar for 1st year graduate students in EAPS

Guest Lectures

  • Astronomy 104: Our Exploration of the Solar System (undergraduate general education course), UW-Madison (Fall 2010)
    • Also reviewed students’ final projects on designing a solar system mission
  • Geology 460:224: Geology of Moons and Planets (undergraduate non-majors survey course), Rutgers University, Spring 2018
  • Astronomy 340: Planetary Astrophysics (undergraduate astrophysics majors course), UW-Madison (Fall 2011 and Fall 2017)
    • Also helped develop a new class final project using the HiRISE camera to develop hypotheses of planetary processes on Mars
  • PTYS 554: Evolution of Planetary Surfaces (graduate level course), University of Arizona (Fall 2015)

K-12 Curriculum

I was a content advisor for Bringing the Universe to America’s Classrooms, K-12 STEM instructional resources by PBS/NASA. These educational resources are distributed free via PBS LearningMedia, public media's platform for instructional content, which reaches 1.9 million educators and over 65% of the public schools in the United States.

Research Mentee Curricula

Entering Research is a set of theoretically-grounded, evidence-based, and culturally-responsive research mentee curricula that is designed to complement and support students participating in independent research experiences. I founded a two-semester seminar-style course using this curriculum for STEM undergraduates at the University of Arizona, which is offered through the Teaching Teams program and UA's College of Science. I have authored many active learning materials for the updated version of this curriculum: Entering Research, 2nd Edition (Editors: Janet Branchaw, Amanda Butz and Amber Smith), which is available through Macmillan Publishers. Additionally, I have received my training to be a "Master Consultant" for the Center for the Improvement of Mentored Experiences in Research (CIMER), as to provide consultation to individuals and institutions that are developing their own research mentee training and implementation plan of the Entering Research curriculum.