I believe talking to the public and getting people excited about science, research, NASA, life as a scientist, the planets, etc. is extremely important for fostering a scientifically-literate community and because the taxpayers' support is integral to pushing the boundaries of science, research, technology, and exploration. As such I have participated in a variety of activities to engage with the public, including:

  • Astronomy on Tap: Cradle of Astronauts
  • Indiana Family Star Party
  • The Wisconsin Science Festival
  • Summer Science Saturday at LPL
  • Deep Astronomy Live Webcast
  • Tucson Festival of Books
  • The Art of Planetary Science
  • Space Drafts Public Talk Series at Borderlands Brewery
  • Astronomy Ambassador's Program for the American Astronomical Society
  • Arizona Science and Astronomy Expo
  • Universe in the Park program for the Wisconsin State Park system
  • SETIcon
  • Local K-12 science fair judging
  • Various podcasts
  • Presentations to hundreds of school children, engaging them in the scientific method using NASA spacecraft images and emphasizing the importance of diverse skillsets and backgrounds for the future exploration of space

MadisonToMars.jpgAli giving a presentation for her hometown at the Verona Area Community Theater


Flyer for the Astronomy on Tap - Cradle of Astronauts event Ali spoke at in Lafayette, IN