Santa with sign saying Watch for Rocks during the GeoSPACE accessible field course program Riley with fellow EAPS grad student Hunter during an analog Mars mission Grad students in the Bramson and Sori research groups after stocking up on some Mars Explorer swag at the Purdue Bookstore Riley pulling big radar across Kentland Crater impact structure Santa and Ali at Arecibo the summer science operations were closing down. Kris getting the LPI Career Development Award Undergrad Sara presenting her talk at LPSC Kris Laferriere at the bottom of Meteor Crater in Arizona Bramson group members at LPSC 2022 Santa_KeynoteArecibo.jpg Riley McGlasson presenting at LPSC 2022 Kris Izquierdo giving a talk at LPSC 2022 Kris Laferriere with colleagues at poster at LPSC2022 Riley inside the -20C walk-in freezer with experimental box Ali in DC for the DPS Federal Relations Subcommittee Congressional Hill visits Some Bramson and Sori research group members (and "the Lab's lab") hiking in nearby Turkey Run State Park Ali Bramson helping with the International Mars Ice Mapper Measurement Definition Team poster at LPSC 2022 Bramson and Sori groups at winery Ali in a mine in Colorado during the GPR 2022 confernece Gerðuberg Columnar Basalts Bubble tea! Langjökull GPR SP Crater Columnar Basalts Holuhraun White Sands Iceland KT Boundary Yardangs Layers in the Langjökull Glacier