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Planetary Science

Surface of the moon Enceladus


2016 (submitted)

Blair, D.M., Chappaz, L, Sood, R., Milbury, C., Bobet, A., Melosh, H.J., Howell, K.C., Freed, A.M., (2016) Determining the structural stability of lunar lava tubes, submitted to Icarus.

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Sood, R., Chappaz, L., Melosh, H.J., Howell, K.C., Milbury, C., Blair, D.M., Zuber, M.T. (2016) Detection and characterization of buried lunar craters with GRAIL data, submitted to Icarus.


2016 (in press)

Horgan, B., R. Smith, P. Mann, E. Cloutis, P. Christensen (2016). Acid weathering of basalt and basaltic glass: I. Near-infrared spectra, mid-infrared spectra, and implications for Mars, Icarus, in press.

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