Equipment Loan Program

The Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences has partnered with the Science Express Program to offer research grade instrumentation to high school teachers throughout central Indiana. 

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     Separation of FD&C Food Colors in M&M Candies

     Demystification of Liquid Chromatography: Grape Drink Chromatography

     Analysis of Mouthwash

     Identification of Alcohols in a Mixture

Gas Chromatography

     Column Chromatography

     Gas Chromatograph Instructions

     Determining the Percent Composition of a Mixture of Volatile Liquids Using a Gas Chromatograph

     Determining the Identity of Alcohols Using a Gas Chromatograph

     Determining the Composition of Gasoline's Using a Gas Chromatograph

     Determining the Identity and Percent Composition of an Alcohol Mixture Using Gas Chromatograph

Visible Spectroscopy

     Genosys How-to Video

     Simple Spec 20 Demystification Activity

     Demystification of Visible Spectrophotometers

     Introduction to Visible Light Spectroscopy

     Genosys Spectrophotometer Directions

     Spectrophotometry of Co+

     Determination of the Copper Content in a Copper Clad Penny

     Determination of the Copper Content in a Copper Clad Penny 2

     Kinetic Study of the Reaction of KI with FeCl3

     Analysis of Plant Pigments Using Paper Chromatography and UV/Visible Spectroscopy

     Factors Affecting Enzyme Activity

     Analysis of Iron in Foods

     Analysis of Kool-Aid

     Brass Analysis

     Absorbance of Food Coloring

     Spectrophotometric Determination of the Copper Content of Brass

Ultraviolet/Visible Spectroscopy

     UV/Vis Spectrophotometer Instructions (Beckman)

     UV/Vis Spectrophotometer Instructions (Genesys)

     UV and You: The Ultraviolet Transmittance of Sunglasses

     Quantification of Nucleic Acids Using the UV/Vis Spectrophotometer

     Analysis of Plant Pigment

     Using the Red Tide UV/VIS

Infrared Spectroscopy

     Student Instructions

     Demystification of IR/FTIR

     Examples of FTIR Samples

     How Do You Tell One Wrapper From Another? The Infrared Spectra of Films

     IR Spectra of Liquids: A Neat Procedure

     Classification of Organic Compounds

     Identification of Chemical Bonds In Tape

     IR Spectroscopy of Esters

Nuclear Spectroscopy

     Old Style Nuclear Scalar How-to Video

     New Style Nuclear Scalar How-to Video

     ST-150 Introduction Power Point

     Radioactivity Old Scalars

     Radioactivity New Scalars

     Half-Life of a Radioactive Isotope

     Half-Life of a Radioactive Isotope PDF

     Detecting Radioactivity of a Lantern Mantel

     Half-Life of Potassium-40

     Determination of the Thickness of Aluminum Foil Using a Radioactive Isotope

     Nuclear Spectrometry Extensions (Must Be Used With Old Style Scalars)

     Nuclear Radioactivity Shielding Extension

pH Meters

     pH Meter Instructions and Reminders (Accumet)

     pH Meter Instructions and Reminders (Beckman)

     pH Meter Instructions and Reminders (Fisher)

     Introduction to pH Using Household Items

     Acid Content of Juices

     Acid-Base Titration Using a pH Meter

     Quantitative Titration

     Analysis of Drain Cleaner

     Determining the Effectiveness of an Antacid Using a pH Meter (Chemistry I or Biology Version)

     Determining the Effectiveness of an Antacid Using a pH Meter (Chemistry II Version)

     The Effects of Acid Rain On Aquatic Environments


     Galvanic Cells

Purdue Vet School Life Science Curricula

     Purdue Vet School Life Science Curricula

Electrophoresis and PCR

     Micropipette How-to Video

     Demystification of Gel Electrophoresis: How Does it Work?

     Detecting GMO Corn By Using PCR

     Detecting GMO Corn Powerpoint

     Edvotek PCR Directions

Hach Water Testing

     Water Testing 1

     Water Testing 2

Melting Point Apparatus

     Melting Point Determination


     Eggsperiment (Holiday use of indicators)

Vernier Probeware

     Vernier Senosr Booklets

     Melting Point Lab

     Application of the Gas Pressure/Volume Relationship To the Cartesian Diver

     Introduction to Titrations and Colorimeters

     How Does pH Paper Work

     Quantitative Titration using phenolphtahalein and pH probes

     Intermolecular Attraction and Vaporization


     Using Dissolved O2 Probe to Show Solution Saturation

     Sweet Potato Osmosis

     Using the ORP Vernier Probe for Long Term Measurement of Water Quality in an Aquatic System

     Kinetics of Thiosulfate in Acid

     The Relationship Between Illumination and Distance and Ultraviolet Emissions of Household Light Bulbs

     Studying Air Resistance of a Falling Object Using the Vernier Motion Sensor, Lab Pro Interface, and Logger Pro 3 Software

     Aerobic Cell Respiration With CO2 Probe

     pH Titration

     Labquest help

     Labquest Buoyancy

     Comparing Sunscreens using UVA and UVB probes

     Pascal's Principle Lab

Liquid Nitrogen 

     Liquid Nitrogen Demonstration

Rodox Activity Sun Labs

     Effects of UV radiation on Bacteria

     Sunscreen Webquest

     Sun Diseases Power Point

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