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(L-R) Jeff Trapp, Associate Head; Undergraduate Advising Award - Sonia Lasher-Trapp; Graduate Student Mentoring Award - Qianlai Zhuang; Professional Achievement Award - Bethany Theiling; Leadership Award - Phil Smith; Jeff Roberts, Dean; Customer Service Award - Stacie Cordell

EAPS GRADS awarded competitive and prestigious NSF Fellowships 

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Trapp Publishes New Textbook The new textbook Mesoscale Convective Processes in the Atmosphere by EAPS Professor Jeff Trapp seeks to promote a deep yet accessible understanding of mesoscale-convective processes in the atmosphere.
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EAPS Professor Huber selected as new director of Purdue Climate Change Research Center
Huber, a leading researcher in tropical cyclones and global warming, has been named director of the Purdue Climate Change Research Center, the university's interdisciplinary effort focusing on research and education in global climate change.
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A Sensitivity to History
Questions about the sensitivity of Earth's climate to greenhouse gas forcing challenge our understanding of climate change. Matthew Huber looks at what we can learn from past greenhouse periods.
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Ridgway Selected as 2012 GSA Bromery Award Recipient
Congratulations to Dr. Ken Ridgway, EAPS Professor, for receiving the Geological Society of America's 2013 Bromery Award. The award recognizes minority professionals "who have made significant contributions to research in the geological sciences or those who have been instrumental in opening the geosciences field to other minorities." Ridgway is a member of the Lenape (Delaware) Nation.
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CoS alumnus and astronaut Andrew Feustel to be part of Space Day festivities
Andrew Feustel, one of the last astronauts in the NASA space shuttle program, will highlight the upcoming Space Day celebrations slated for Oct. 19 and 20 at Purdue. Feustel will join fellow Purdue astronauts Scott Tingle and David Wolf. Feustel received his bachelor's degree in Earth Sciences in 1989 before earning his master's degree in Geophysics in 1991.
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EAPS Graduate Student Discusses Midwest Drought
Drought was on the minds of millions of Midwesterners this summer.
In some areas, the lack of rain caused record-breaking dryness. Crops suffered; rivers ran low. Without proper watering, lawns turned brown and arid.

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Hurricanes Whip Up Faster in Warming World
Global warming may fuel stronger hurricanes whose winds whip up faster, new research suggests by Dev Niyogi suggests. 
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Huber featured in NSF Highlights
Matt Huber's contribution to NSF Highlights, "Ancient Global Cooling Linked to Decreases in Carbon Dioxide" is now live on the SEE Innovation website.
Agee aims for Antarctic carbon sequestration
EAPS Prof. Ernie Agee's latest paper is making cool waves in the climate scientific community. His idea of building a giant refrigeration unit in Antarctica to turn carbon dioxide into snow has many people thinking.| more |
Weekend rains fail to impress
Austin Pearson discusses the effect that Hurricane Issac did not have on the area with The Exponent
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Fulltime, Tenure Track Appointment Candidates Sought
Purdue University in conjunction with the Purdue Climate Change Research Center (PCCRC) invites applications for a faculty appointment in the area of climate modeling. This is a full-time, tenure track assistant professor position with an appointment in the department or departments most appropriate for the successful candidate.
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Drop in Carbon Dioxide Levels Led to Polar Ice Sheet, Study Finds
Matthew Huber, a professor of earth and atmospheric sciences at Purdue, said roughly a 40 percent decrease in carbon dioxide occurred prior to and during the rapid formation of a mile-thick ice sheet over the Antarctic approximately 34 million years ago. Read The Role of Carbon Dioxide during the Onset of Antarctic Glaciation, which has just been published in Science.
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Congratulations to EAS grad student, Michael King (Navajo) for being featured as Purdue's "5 Students who are MusicMakers!" Another good representation of Native students at Purdue!
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Sloan Grad Students win Major Awards at 2011 AISES National Conference
Congratulations to EAS student Darryl Reano (Acoma Pueblo) and RaeLynn Butler (Muscogee Creek) and for winning awards at the 2011 AISES (American Indian Science and Engineering Society) National Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Darryl took first place in the Graduate Student Poster Presentation with his presentation, "Integration of Science and Cultural Values." He is currently pursuing his masters in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences.

RaeLynn took first place in the Graduate Student Oral Presentation with her presentation, "Weed Suppression in Organic Tomato Production with Cover Crops." She is currently pursuing her masters in Botany and Plant Pathology.

Both students did an excellent job in their presentations and were outstanding ambassadors for their respective departments, the Sloan Indigenous Graduate Program, Purdue AISES Student Chapter and the Native American community at Purdue.

Visitor Information Center Middle School Tour Gives Students Day-in-the-Life Glimpse
"Students are unaware of the awesome opportunities that lie ahead of them as science continues to shape our future," says Steven Smith, outreach coordinator for the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences. As a presenter for the program this semester, Smith has featured his air pressure presentation, a look at how atmospheric pressure affects convection currents and cloud cover.
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Large Asteroid to Pass by Earth November 8, But What if it Didn't?
An asteroid the size of an aircraft carrier will fly near Earth on November 8. While there is no danger of it hitting the planet, Jay Melosh, asteroid impact expert says a similar-sized object hitting Earth would result in a 4,000-megaton blast, magnitude 7.0 earthquake and, should it strike in the deep ocean, 70-foot-high tsunami waves 60 miles from the splashdown site.
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Purdue Junior an Obama Scholar
Juan Crespo was one of a dozen students to recently be awarded the $5,000 scholarship that is funded by prize money that accompanied President Barack Obama's 2009 Nobel Peace Prize.
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AAAS Fellows
Jay Melosh, along with Engineering Dean, Leah Jamison and Nobel Laureate, Ei-ichi Negishi, were inducted as fellows into the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in a ceremony that was held on the Harvard University Campus in Boston, Massachusetts on October 1.

Huber's Research Featured in National Geographic
Matt Huber's research into past warm climate, funded by the National Science Foundation, is featured in the October issue of National Geographic. His work shows how greenhouse intervals in Earth's past provide clear lessons for the future.
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Jay Melosh Part of NASA Moon Mission
Forty-two years after alumnus Neil Armstrong was the first to set foot on the moon's surface, Jay Melosh is part of a NASA lunar mission set to reveal what lies beneath from crust to core.
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Krockover Awarded Indiana Governor's Distinguished Service Medal
Gerald H. Krockover, Professor Emeritus of Earth and Atmospheric Science Education, was awarded the Indiana Governor's Distinguished Service Medal on August 8, 2011. It was presented by two state legislators, Sheila Klinker and Randy Truitt.
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Geologists Install Equipment to Record Seismographic Data
A research team of 12 people, including Hersh Gilbert, began an initial equipment installation Tuesday on private vineyard property near the Williamson County line off North Lick Creek Road that will provide seismographic data about what's underneath the ground in Southern Illinois and the surrounding region. Read more...

Bowen to Dig Deep Into Wyoming Basin for Global Warming Clues
Gabe Bowen's group is involved in a multi-institution continental drilling campaign that is going on now through August 8 in Wyoming. Gabe and an incoming grad student joining his group will be on-site in early August. Progress is being updated regularly on a face book page. Read more in the News release and Project Website.

Filley Travels to China to Promote EcoPartnership, Sustainability
Tim Filley has been awarded a Chinese Academy of Sciences Visiting Professorship for Senior International Scientists, marking the university's first activity under a new Purdue-China EcoPartnership.
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ASF Award Winner
Kandace Kiefer is a recipient of The Astronaut Scholarship Foundation's (ASF) award, which is for outstanding students who exhibit motivation, imagination, and exceptional performance in the science or engineering field of their major.
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Francisco Receives Honorary Doctorate from University of Arkansas
Joseph Francisco, associate dean of graduate education and international programs for the College of Science, received an honorary doctorate of science at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock's spring commencement on May 21. Francisco, the William E. Moore Distinguished Professor of Physical Chemistry, was the 2010 president of the American Chemical Society.

Purdue T-shirt in Space
Purdue alumnus and NASA astronaut, Andrew Fuestel, currently aboard the Space Shuttle Endeaver, is pictured wearing a Purdue College of Science T-shirt in space.
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The Washington Post Interview
Ernie Agee was interviewed by Science Reporter, Brian Vastag, of The Washington Post regarding the recent outbreak of deadly tornadoes. Dr. Agee's contribution was included in the article that appeared on the front page of The Washington Post, 24 May 2011.
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GSA Fellow
Darryl Granger has been elected a Fellow in the Geological Society of America. A member of the GSA is elected to Fellowship in recognition of distinguished contributions to the geosciences. A nominee for Fellowship shall have had at least eight years of professional experience in geology or related fields.

Claire P. Holdredge Award
Terry R. West was awarded the Claire P. Holdredge Award for his textbook, Geology Applied to Engineering. This award is presented for a publication by an AEG Member within the five previous years that is adjudged to be an outstanding contribution to the Engineering Geology Profession. The award will be presented at the Annual Banquet on September 22 at the AEG 2011 Annual Meeting in Anchorage, Alaska.

Student Session Advisory Board Meeting
The students met with our Advisory Board to discuss "preparing students for diverse careers." The Advisory Board took input from the students during the morning session and prepared a presentation that was given later in the afternoon to select EAS faculty involved in the undergraduate and graduate committees.
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Purdue-led Team Studies Earth's Recovery from Prehistoric Global Warming
The Earth may be able to recover from rising carbon dioxide emissions faster than previously thought, according to evidence from a prehistoric event analyzed by a Purdue University team led by Gabe Bowen.
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Frank Press Award
Eric Calais has been selected to receive the Frank Press Award from the Seismological Society of America. This award honors outstanding contributions to the advancement of public safety or public information relating to seismology. It is a measure of how much respect his colleagues have for the exceptional work he has done in Haiti. The presentation of the award will take place during the 2012 Annual Meeting, April 17-19 in San Diego.

AAAS Fellow
Jay Melosh has been elected a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. The Academy is an international learned society with a dual function: to elect to membership men and women of exceptional achievement, drawn from science, scholarship, business, public affairs, and the arts, and to conduct a varied program of projects and studies responsive to the needs and problems of society.
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EAS Alumnus to Fly on NASA Mission to Space Station
Andrew Feustel, a Purdue University Alumnus and NASA astronaut, is scheduled to make three spacewalks during a space shuttle mission to the International Space Station this month.
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Ten graduates from the College of Science (including two from EAS) received the 2011 Distinguished Alumni Awards on Friday (April 8)
A ceremony honored alumni that have had a significant impact in their fields and on society. Award recipients include: David Capka, Tracy Choka, George Garrick, William Gommel, Paul Krishna, Thomas Longo, Timothy O'Leary, Vaidyanathan "Ram" Ramaswami, Chun-Fang Wu and Jeffrey Young.
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Krockover Featured in Purdue Profiles
Traveling across the country and world for frequent conferences and meetings doesn't stop Gerald Krockover from having dinner with students at Owen Hall nearly every week. Krockover, professor of earth and atmospheric science education, is part of Purdue's Faculty Fellow Program. Through the program he serves as a mentor and friend to students at residence halls.
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AGU Fellow
Paul B. Shepson has been elected a Fellow of the American Geophysical Union. Only one in a thousand members is elected to Fellowship each year. He will be honored at the December 2011 Fall AGU Meeting in San Francisco.

Outstanding Student Paper Award Winner
Mariya Petrenko has been selected to receive an Outstanding Student Paper Award for her poster presentation (Using Spaceborne Aerosol Observations to Constrain Biomass Burning Emissions in the GOCART Model) at the 2010 Fall Meeting in San Francisco, California. Outstanding Student Paper Award winners will be announced in an upcoming publication of Eos, the weekly newspaper of AGU, and will receive a formal certificate of achievement.

Ernie Agee Selected to receive the Distinguished Graduate Alumni Award at the University of Missouri
Ernie Agee has been selected to receive the Distinguished Graduate Alumni Award at the University of Missouri. According to George Justice, Vice Provost for Advanced Studies and the Dean of the UM Graduate School, they were impressed by the entire range of Dr. Agee's academic achievement, professional service, and statewide recognition in Indiana. Additionally, he exemplified the ways outstanding scholarship can lead into public service, and were proud of his extended and sustained record of distinguished service. UM plans to honor Dr. Agee at their Spring Graduate School Commencement ceremony, where he will also address the university's MS and PhD graduates in the Hearnes Center on May 13, at 8:00 pm. Further, three Ernest M. Agee scholarships have been awarded by the Graduate School and the Chancellor's Scholarship Fund to the Department of Soil, Environmental, and Atmospheric Sciences.

Interviews Regarding Japan's Earthquake
Andy Freed explains to a CNN reporter the process of forecasting earthquake magnitudes and the frequency of aftershocks. Larry Braile showed Fox59 the seismograph record recorded at the West Lafayette, Indiana campus. For two hours, the needle jumped along the page, recording the violent shift in the earth 6,000 miles away.
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EAS Student in Five Students Who Are History Makers
In celebration of Women's History Month, Kandace Kiefer, a junior in the EAS Atmospheric Science program, is poised to make history. Read her story.
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Interpore - Procter & Gamble Award for Porous Media Research 2011
John Cushman, distinguished professor of earth and atmospheric sciences and a professor of mathematics, has been chosen for the InterPore - Procter & Gamble Award for Porous Media Research 2011. This award is given in recognition of outstanding contributions to topics related to swelling porous media, very thin porous media and behavior at interfaces. The award will be presented during the InterPore Conference in Bordeaux, France, in March. Cushman was named a GSA Fellow in 2010, a Purdue distinguished professor in 2005, an American Geophysical Union Fellow in 1996, a recipient of the Purdue Herbert Newby McCoy Award in 1995 and a Soil Science Society of America Fellow in 1990.

Purdue scientists part of NASA return mission to comet
Professors Jay Melosh and Jim Richardson and graduate student Tim Bowling are part of the NASA science team returning to the comet Tempel 1 to study changes that occur as a comet approaches the sun and to potentially examine an impact crater created during an earlier mission.
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World's Biggest Cave
Darryl Granger in the World's Biggest Cave? See the National Geographic Channel website for more information about Darryl exploring Vietnam's Mountain River Cave. This National Geographic Channel Special revealed, for the first time in history, evidence that this could be the largest cave in the world.
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Professor honored with a named special session at conference
A special session in honor of John Cushman, distinguished professor of earth and atmospheric sciences and a professor of mathematics, will be presented at the 2011 Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) Conference on Mathematical & Computational Issues in the Geosciences, which will take place March 21-24 in Long Beach, Calif. The session is titled Physics of Porous Media in Honor of John Cushman. Presentations during this session will span the topics of Cushman's research career and will have a general focus on physics of fluids in porous media over time, scales ranging from picoseconds to years and spatial scales ranging from angstroms to miles. Specific problems of interest include species separation and phase change in micropores, dispersion in media with continuously evolving heterogeneity, swelling colloidal systems, reservoir-scale dispersion of environmental contaminants, transconjugation of genes between microbes and their evolution in the environment and theories for the evolution of earth plates. Cushman was named a GSA Fellow in 2010, a Purdue distinguished professor in 2005, an American Geophysical Union Fellow in 1996, a recipient of the Purdue Herbert Newby McCoy Award in 1995 and a Soil Science Society of America Fellow in 1990.

Deadliest Earthquakes
A new episode on earthquakes including the events in Chile and Haiti premiered the week of January 17 on PBS television. It highlighted several of UNAVCO's collaborators and projects, including Mike Bevis (OSU), Eric Calais (Purdue) and an appearance by UNAVCO's Freddy Blume.
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Jay Melosh explains comet fly-by
Jay Melosh revealed the major findings of a recent mission that took detailed pictures of an active comet. Melosh, a professor of earth and atmospheric sciences, and a research group using NASA's Deep Impact spacecraft got up-close and personal with a half-mile-wide comet called Hartley 2.

Purdue unveils 'Impact: Earth!' asteroid impact effects calculator
Purdue on Wednesday (Nov. 3) unveiled ''Impact: Earth!'' a new website that allows anyone to calculate the potential damage a comet or asteroid would cause if it hit the Earth.
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2010 Advisory Board/Outstanding Alumni Awards
Photos now available.
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President Barack Obama has appointed Joseph S. Francisco as a member of the President's Committee on the National Medal of Science
Francisco, the William E. Moore Distinguished Professor of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences and Chemistry, is one of four new committee members. The committee is composed of 12 presidentially appointed scientists and engineers, the director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy, and the president of the National Academy of Sciences.
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Tuskegee University Board of Trustees selects new President for institution
Dr. Andrew Brimmer, chairman of the Tuskegee University Board of Trustees, announced the appointment of Dr. Gilbert L. Rochon as the sixth President of Tuskegee University, effective November 1. Rochon comes to Tuskegee from Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana.
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Purdue Students Face Storm to Study Hurricane Development
After heavy rains and winds from Hurricane Earl pummeled their operations base in St. Croix, Virgin Islands, three Purdue students continue to collect data as part of a team flying over the tropical Atlantic Ocean to take measurements. Graduate students Alexandria Johnson, Brian Murphy and Paytsar Muradyan are working with Jennifer Haase, the assistant professor of earth and atmospheric sciences who leads the Purdue experiment, and James Garrison, a professor of aeronautics and astronautics.
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Fellow of the Purdue Teaching Academy
We are proud to announce that Larry Braile has been selected as a Fellow of the Purdue Teaching Academy.
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Eric Calais Appointed as a Science Adviser to U.N. Development Program
The United Nations Development Program has chosen Eric Calais to lead an effort to reduce the risks and damage from earthquakes in Haiti.
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2010 Fall Picnic
Photos now available (click on photo to advance to next picture).
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Associate Dean for Resarch and Graduate Education in CoS
Joe Francisco, William E. More Distinguished Professor of Chemistry and Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, has been appointed as Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education in the College of Science, effective September 1. Joe is internationally recognized for his accomplishments in computational and theoretical chemistry. He is a dedicated and talented mentor to his students. Finally, he has a clear understanding of the national and international research landscapes- knowledge gained in part through his exemplary service as former President of the National Organization of Black Chemists and Engineers and current President of the American Chemical Society.