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Timothy Filley, Associate Professor

PhD The Pennsylvania State University
BS   Loyola University of Chicago
Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests: factors controlling stabilization/destabilization of soil organic matter, terrestrial isotope ecology, microbial decay of natural products and emerging pollutants, invertebrate impacts on soils, decomposition chemistry of manufactured carbonaceous nanomaterials

Current Graduate Students

Timothy Berry, PhD Student

BS Michigan State University, 2010

Research Interests: Microbial ecology and 'non-traditional' metabolism in bacteria, archaea, and fungi; including break-down and uptake of man-made compounds.

David Gamblin, Lab Manager
BS Indiana University

Research interests: chemical methods development, the use of lignin and cutin acid monomers as biogeochemical markers of plants and sediments to determine source, taxonomy, and age for a variety of plants.

Christy Gibson, PhD Student
BS & MS Tennessee State University

Research interests: fate of organic contaminants in soil, soil remediation of heavy metals specifically Cadmium, and the impact of current remediation methods on soil ecological systems. Participate in my BLOG at --- http://cdominiquegibson.com/

Olivia Miller, MS Student
BS& Indiana University

Research interests:  Stable isotope geochemistry; soil formation and evolution in changing climates (specifically for applications in land use and management in agriculture and building settlement).  She will be studying the impact of snow pack thickness on soil organic matter dynamics at Toolik Lake LTER.

Wang Ruzhen (王汝振), PhD Student
Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Wang Ruzhen will be the first US-China Ecopartnership visiting graduate student scholar. Mr. Wang is co advised by Professor Yong Jiang, Director of Science and Technology, IAE, and Tim Filley. Mr. Wang will be working on the dynamics of soil organic matter and biochar within grasslands in Inner Mongolia.

Sara Top, PhD Student
BS Biology Dordt College, Iowa

Research interests: effects of invasive earthworms on forest ecosystems, biomarkers and stable isotopes to track molecules and organisms, fungal activity in terrestrial systems and the atmosphere, atmospheric conditions that affect the spread of organisms, Antartica (any research conducted there is interesting!), soil microbiology

Nana Wu, PhD Student
Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

US-China Ecopartnership joint training PhD student, co-advised by Professor Edith Bai from IAE, CAS and Professor Tim Filley.
Research interests: terrestrial stable isotope biogeochemistry and soil organic chemistry, specifically, the influences of nitrogen addition and earthworms on soil organic carbon stabilization in temperate forest ecosystems.

Past Members

Dr Yini Ma, PhD 2013, now at U.S.-China EcoPartnership for Environmental Sustainability
Dr Courtney Creamer, PhD 2012, now at University of Adelaide, Australia
Katherine Scheiner, MS 2008, now at Texas A&M University
Keith Cooker, MS 2007, University of Minnesota
Dr Brent Dalzell, PhD 2005, research associate at the University of Minnesota
Dr Susan Crow, Post Doc 2006-2007, now at Queen's Univ Belfast, UK
Dr Mi-Youn Ahn, Post Doc 2004-2005, now at Univ od Florida
Dr Karl Dria, Post Doc 2004-2005, now at IUPUI, Indianapolis

Recent Visitors

Dr. Jennie DeMarco is a postdoctoral research associate in the Department of Biology at New Mexico State University. Dr. DeMarco’s research focuses on understanding how woody plant expansion into historically grass dominated systems alters nutrient and carbon cycling at the ecosystem level and potential feedbacks to global climate change. While visiting the Filley lab she will learn the alkaline CuO oxidation and 13C-TMAH thermochemolysis methods to identify the sources of plant derived biopolymers inputs into the soil and to determine if these input sources change with woody plant encroachment and when woody plants die. Her current study region includes arid environments within the Southwestern United States but she hopes to apply this method to other regions of the world were shrub encroachment is also occurring.

Ms. Dana Thomas. Ms. Thomas is working on her MS degree in the Dept. of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, University of Michigan, under Prof Don Zak. She is investigating the biogeochemical impact of chronic N addition in a series of forests in Michigan. While in the Filley lab she will be using lignin extraction techniques to investigate if N-addition has feedbacks to lignin cycling in litter and soil.

Professor Anindya Sarkar, Professor at the Dept. of Geology and Geophysics, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. Professor Sarkar is an isotope geochemist who studies couple climate and biogeochemical in the geologic past. While visiting the Filley lab on a one year sabbatical he will learn the alkaline CuO oxidation and 13C-TMAH thermochemolysis methods and apply them to sediments from a number of sites in India that span the PETM.

Professor Joyanth Routh, Dept of Geology and Geochemistry, Stockholm Univ. Dr Routh's research interests focus on modern and paleo environmental change in terrestrial ecosystems. He uses a number biogeochemical and organic geochemical tools in these studies. While visiting the Filley lab he will learn the alkaline CuO oxidation and 13C-TMAH thermochemoysis methods and apply them to Arctic, Indian, and South African terrestrial systems.

Mr Thimo Klotzbucher, Graduate Student, Univ of Amsterdam, Institute for biodiversity and ecosystem dynamics, The Netherlands. Thimo is studying the impact of litter input on lignin degradation in forest soils? While visiting the Filley lab he will use the 13C-TMAH thermochemolysis method to test the hypothesis that there is a positive correlation between the quantity of litter input and lignin degradation among litter surface soils from a number of forests.

Professor Akiko Nakagaw-Izumi, Visiting Professor from the Doctoral Program in Appropriate Technology ans Sciences for Sustainable Development, Graduate School of Life and Enviromental Sciences, Univ of Tsukuba Tennoudai, Tsukua Ibraki, Japan. Dr Nakgagaw-Izumi spent a onme year sabbatical in the Filey Lab.
Mt Scott Geib, PhD candidate at Penn State Univ
Mr Valdeir Arantes, PhD candidate at the Univ of Sao Paulo, Brazil USP Lorena, Escola de Engenharia de Lorena - EEL Dept of Biotechnonolgy

Prof Thomas Boutton, Visiting Professor from the Dept of Ecosystem Science and Mgmt Texas A&M Univ, College Station Texas. Dr Boutton spent a semester on sabbatical in Filley's lab.
Dr Dave Bielman, Visiting Scientist, Dept of Geography, Univ of California, Los Angeles.
Ms Laura Wysocki, PhD candidate, Dept of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Tulane Univ, New Orleans, Louisiana.
Ms Isla Castaneda, PhD candidate, Large Lakes Observatory, Univ of Minnesota.

Ms Nancy Hilbun, Univ of South Alabama (11/2005)
Ms Zilan (Winnie) Xiao, Univ of Minnesota Duluth (02/2005)
Dr Klaas Nierop, Univ of Amsterdam (04/2004)
Dr Katherine Ficken, Univ of Wales (02/2004)
Prof Patrick Louchouran, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (10/2003)
Ms Jennifer Boeckman, Mational Soil Tilth Lab, (08/2003)
Ms Ku Wei (Felicity) Hui, National Taiwan Univ (09-2002 - 09/2003)


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